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Everyone knows that a beautiful smile makes a great first impression. Unfortunately, not everyone feels comfortable sharing a smile with family and friends. For far too many Americans, opening wide and smiling is uncomfortable due to stained or yellowing teeth. While it isn't possible to go back in time and prevent your teeth from becoming discolored, it is possible to carefully treat them now with a tooth whitening procedure so that you can enjoy gorgeous white teeth.

Teeth whitening has become incredibly popular in the last decade. Many individuals are inspired by celebrities who have worked with dentists to craft beautiful teeth. Others have friends and family members who have relied on tooth whitening procedures to make them feel more confident, happy and healthy. Teeth whitening isn't invasive or painful, so there's no reason to put off scheduling your appointment today. 

Tooth Whitening for Roseville and Surrounding Communities

Located on North Sunrise Blvd. in Roseville, with easy access from both Hwy 80 and 65, Dr. Matt Comfort provides a complete set of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures, including tooth whitening, to individuals and families in the communities of Roseville, Granite Bay, Rocklin, Auburn, Citrus Heights, Colfax, Folsom, Lincoln, Loomis, Meadow Vista, Penryn, Wheatland, and Sheridan. To learn more about your tooth whitening options at our office, please call (916) 786-2010, or schedule an appointment.

How Tooth Whitening Works

To whiten your teeth, a gel or solution is administered on your teeth and left there long enough for it to soak in. Because your teeth are slightly porous, they will absorb peroxide and other bleaching agents. Once the bleach sits for long enough (usually 15 to 20 minutes is all it takes), it will penetrate to the inner part of the teeth, thereby permanently whitening them. The longer the bleach soaks, and the more often it is applied, the whiter your smile will become.

Before your tooth whitening procedure, you will undergo an examination of your teeth to ensure that you do not have any cavities or excess plaque buildup, as the whitening gel could further damage decaying teeth. If bad teeth are discovered, your teeth will be cleaned and repaired before they can be whitened.

Stains best removed by tooth whitening from our take-home kits include organic stains or discolorations caused by aging, eating and drinking certain foods like coffee, red wine, sodas and dark-colored vegetables and fruits, and tobacco use.

Is Whitening your Teeth Right for You?

If you've just begun to consider teeth whitening, you may wonder if this procedure is right for you. After all, you should never undergo any type of dentistry or cosmetic procedure without carefully weighing the risks and benefits of the procedure. Thankfully, weighing the risks of teeth whitening is easy. Because dentists have worked hard to perfect this art, there are no significant side effects associated with getting your teeth whitened.

Of course, you'll also need to decide if teeth whitening is a good fit for your personal needs. Many individuals choose to have their teeth whitened because they want to make a better impression on colleagues and clients. Others choose tooth whitening because they want to look younger or are pursuing careers where image is important. Perhaps you're getting ready to get married and you just want to look as good as you can in your photos.

Modern teeth whitening techniques provides you with the means to achieve these goals. As you think through your whitening options, remember that feeling more confident in your smile can boost your self-confidence on the whole.

Alternatives to Teeth Whitening

In some cases, patients who want to have their teeth whitened may need to choose alternative dental treatments. Teeth that are extremely discolored may not benefit from whitening but can be fitted with veneers or covered with composite bonding to restore their original white color. Remember that any major dental health issues must be addressed before tooth whitening can be completed.

Working with Your Trusted Dentist in Roseville--Dr. Matt Comfort

At the Roseville dental office of Dr. Matt Comfort, DDS, we're proud to provide a wide range of dental procedures to meet all your needs. From our Roseville office located on North Sunrise Blvd., we serve the communities of Roseville, Granite Bay, Rocklin, Auburn, Citrus Heights, Colfax, Folsom, Lincoln, Loomis, Meadow Vista, Penryn, Wheatland, and Sheridan. To learn more about our tooth whitening procedures, please call (916) 786-2010, or schedule an appointment.

If you have a big event coming up or want to make a great first impression, we'll be happy to help you understand your teeth whitening options. With quick, affordable treatments, you'll be able to enjoy a dazzling smile in no time.



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